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    Machines Beeping at Logon


      I am just testing v5.2.1 in preperation of our server upgrade.

      I have noticed that when entering the log in details on an encrypted machine, that it now beeps at each step. Is there a way to turn this off as it is already annoying some people here and it is only installed on a few machines.

      Thanks in advance

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          Its for Section 508 compliance. Not sure if you can turn it off. :mad:
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            Even if the PC's are U.K based?

            I don't think we are in need of being Section 508 compliant?

            Surely they would not force that horrible noise on everybody else? We already have enough of our own red tape rubbish to put up with. grin
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              yeah. It would seem a strange decision to force 508 on all machines wouldn't it. I asked for clarification. I don't know of a way of turning it off though - certainly I don't see one documented. You should raise a ticket if this is important to you.
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                Thanks, I will raise a ticket as I can see some people really not liking it.


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                  Accessibility option at the bottom of the Machine properties apparently can turn the option on or off for Section 508 compliance...

                  See previous thread:

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                  Enable pre-boot accessibility support


                  Does anyone know what this option does, it is found at the bottom of the general settings for a machine.

                  it isn't mentioned in the help or pdf from what I can see

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                  see the release notes for new stuff. This option turns on the Section 508 disability beeps.