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    problems after change database in epo4

      Hi, i'm trying to upgrade my epo4 (patch2)  to epo4.5, as epo 4 was using sql server 2000, the first step was change the database to other server with sqlserver 2005, i followed the steps but after restart the server my eventparser service is hanging for a while (service waits in state starting during 8 minutes [event 7022 in system event viewer] ). the eventparser.log says HTTPS POST ERROR 201. Finally the service starts.


      Any clue?



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          Moving the Database to another SQL server should not be a problem, as long as you make a backup and restore it to the other server. Dont use a DTS package or some other MS tool like data migration wizzard, as these can alter the data or miss certain Triggers, Indexes, etc in the DB.


          With that said, the error you are getting almost sounds like a Port conflict? Can you ensure that the port you are using is not already in use by something like IIS?

          Also can you post the last section of the Server.log and EventParser.log to this Thread?

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            Also the "Event 7022" sometimes can be related to Service Dependencies. So make sure that if you removed SQL from the epo server that the Dependency on the Services for SQL is gone.