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    Automatic backup Configuration Data


      Dear reader,


      We use McAfee Web Gateway version 6.8.5. With this version there is a possibility to manually backup the Configuration Data (Configuration | File Management | Configuration Data).

      We're looking for a solution which automatically backups the Configuration Data and transfers (ftp, scp) this to an external host. Who has a solution for this or any experience regarding this?


      Kind regards,

      Bert Brenkman

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          Hi Bert,


          this is not directly part of the product, but is actually possible. The idea behind it is to use the Secure Admin Shell to trigger the backup command via SSH, and have MWG upload the Backup archive via FTP to destination host.


          I have attached a document which I wrote a while ago. Please note that this is not part of the official documentation, it is a quick guide how to set it up we once wrote, but I expect it to work without any issues.


          If you got any trouble with it, please don't hesitate to ask me.




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            Have you tried the instructions from the Guide? Was this helpful for you?




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              Hi Andre,


              The instructions are very clear and helpfull. The only problem is that I want to move the backup with SCP. Is (besides FTP, HTTP and HTTPS) SCP also supported?


              Kind regards,


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                Hi Bert,


                unfortunately this is not (yet) possible at the moment. What you can do is you can call the Backup command and store the backup into a local folder on the Appliance. After the call for the Backup command succeeded, another line in the backup script  can pick up the local file and forward it via SCP.


                This is actually not a "beautiful" solution, but it should work until we have SCP support for backups in the product.



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                  Hi Asabban,


                  do you have a documentation for McAfee Web Gateway how can automatic backup my appliance?

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                    Here is a totally unsupported script that I use to cron a backup of my MWG7.

                    It may work for you, it may not.


                    # ver. 1.0 - 12/13/2010 - Erik_Elsasser@McAfee.com - e²
                    # mwgbackup.sh - Provides a scripted method of backing up the MWG7 appliance configuration
                    # This script is invoked either from the command line or via a scheduled cron job
                    # cron example for every day at 04:00 am
                    #0 4 * * * /opt/mwg/bin/mwgbackup.sh 1> /tmp/mwgbackup.out 2>&1

                    # This script has very basic functionality. I'm not getting fancy about error checking,
                    # parsing fields or putting any significant intelligence in. Adjust to taste.

                    # UNAME: used for backup file naming
                    UNAME=`uname -n`

                    # TIMESTAMP: used for unique filenames
                    TIMESTAMP=`date +%y%m%d%H%M`

                    # BUFILENAME: used as a destination filename.
                    # default will look something like: wwapp0704171400.backup

                    # BUPATH: default directory where backups are stored. This is where the GUI puts them.
                    # must have chown mwgc:mwg permissions

                    # This example backs up to ftp://Logs:password@  (mwg7=my machine name)
                    BUPROTO="ftp://" # Possible values of (ftp|http|https)
                    BUUSER="Logs" # note the trailing ':' this is for [username:password] separation
                    BUPASSWORD="password" # Note the trailing '@'. This is for [username:password@]server separation
                    BUSERVER="" # Enter address of the destination server
                    BUPORT="21"  # default for FTP
                    BUDIRECTORY="/Configs/${UNAME}" # The destination directory. Using UNAME for a unique destination by machine.

                    # run the backup command to a local file
                    /opt/mwg/bin/mwg-coordinator -B file:in=ACTIVE,out=${BUPATH}/${BUFILENAME}

                    # FTP the file to a server
                    /usr/bin/curl "${BUPROTO}${BUUSER}:${BUPASSWORD}@${BUSERVER}:${BUPORT}${BUDIRECTORY}/" -T "${BUPATH}/${BUFILENAME}"

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                      The upcoming MWG 7 version should - as far as I know - contain an internal scheduler which can create backups for you. That should be the official way then. :-)




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                        Thanks a lot.



                        in which version mcafee plan this feature?


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                          7.1.0.x has a sceduled jobs feature currently.

                          However, it only allows uploads using PUT via HTTP or HTTPS.

                          There is a feature request to add FTP and SFTP for file uploads, but I don't know when that will come out.

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