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    spam/strange email about Ciphent, clarification please

      This is really strange. I don't know what to make of it.


      I no longer have a McAfee subscription, although I do have my login name plus password for the forum.


      Today I received this message by Email:


      'CIPHENT.com would like to be your friend.

      To make this happen, please go to:


      http://community.mcafee.com/people/Riddlez?view=approvals '


      They knew my McAfee forum login name and email address.


      Usually I would disard such a message as spam or phishing. But since they had my name and email address, I didn't. Of course, I am sensible enough not to click on that link.


      I googled CIPHENT.com, searched for it on the forum. It appears they have something to do with security.

      BUT WHY WOULD I WANT TO ADD CIPHENT.COM AS A ''FRIEND' ?  Is McAfee a social networking site now ?

      What would adding Ciphent as a friend do ? If it's just spam, the email shouldn't have been sent.





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