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    MEE Supported Laptop Model

      Is anyone can share what model has been sucessfully installed with MEE

      we're in initial global deployment and currenly we have variety of model through our sites worldwide..



      For toshiba i found they have done some good list on supported Encryption (including MEE)




      Is anyone have the list of information which vendor/model is not supported?

      From our initial deployment we found out that MEE v5 is FAILED to install on IBM Thinkpad R50.


      it would be good if mcafee or vendor can provide some of these list :|



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          Pordon on my english, What i mean is we FAILED to install on Thinkpad R50.


          (i get error when above post)



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            Do you have IBM Rescue and Recovery installed? You need to get rid of it. Check those out:


          • Rescue and Recovery 4.3 is not compatible with Utimaco SafeGuard Easy, McAfee Endpoint Encryption.
          • http://www-307.ibm.com/pc/support/site.wss/document.do?lndocid=MIGR-4Q2QAK


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              I will make this a list to our Site It support to make aware that they need to uninstall for IBM Laptop.


              Since we start with HP laptop during test..

              - We aware that Hp Protect Tools is also mus be uninstalled.



              There are other models that we're not sure compatible or not like Dell, Asus, Acer, IBM, in our enviroments..


              if you have any experiance on this model kindly share with us..

              or if there any software list that not compatible that need to be uninstalled on this laptop model


              you help is highly appreciate.


              Thanks in advance.

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                You are absolutely right for HP laptops. You should un-install HP Protecttools for MEE to work normally. I have seen if Protecttool is disabled, it's working, but I will recommend to remove the tool completely prior to MEE installation.


                One of the best practice I would recommend to update the BIOS for all those laptops you are planning to push MEE. Dell 420 & 430, Lenovo M57, HP compaq nc8430, nw 8440 are few known systems with issues. So you should think about performing a nice pilot with all these. Also check for NLG3500 network cards - I have seen some issues where this card is used in with teaming feature.


                I have heard about some of the Gateway Tablet PCs are having issues with MEE. Check for those in McAfee KB sites.



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                  For IBM/Lenovo, make sure you deploy the file group "update mbr for safeboot compatibility".

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                    Is anyone have issue with this model..


                    PC Model : Hp Compaq nc6230
                    BIOS Version: F.16 7/24/2009






                    After I login it shows below message.


                    Resetting Hardware

                    Disabling Mouse

                    Starting Operating System


                                    _ (Blinking)


                    what has been doneon the issue..

                    - Sata native dissable/enable -> same issue.

                    - "update mbr for safeboot compatibility" - is check for the built


                    Any idea?


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                      This is a known issue I hope.


                      with HP laptops try not to select any of the options while creating the install set and try. For recovering the ones, you have already installed - try Wintech to remove the S/W and windows recovery cd to fix MBR or BR.


                      Search in this forum for other threads - I have already seen some people already gone through this and posted their experiences =(


                      - AB