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    Hours I'll never get back

      Please take the time to listen to my feedback and implement changes to your current installation program for your internet security suite.  I am an ATT DSL customer who gets McAfee as part of my subscription.


      1.  Attempted install

      2.  Got all red x's

      3.  Run troubleshooting tool

      4.  Tool says no McAfee products installed

      5   Tool asks are you trying to Install Security suite (Yes)

      6.  Tool says found these 5 problems do you want to fix them (Of course)

      7.  Tool says problems fixed

      8.  Install fails multiple times

      9.  I spend hours researching problem

      10.  Found MCPR.exe (McAfee Product Removal)

      11.  Run program even though trouble shooting program said no McAfee products installed

      12.  Install problem fixed


      Couldn't you simply add a line into your install program that would link #2 above to #11 above so people could stop wasting valuable time.  If this is a known problem then why isn't it being fixed?  You've already got your customers who've paid for your service in one way or another to do your beta testing for you.  Who are your customers and how important is their time to you?  I think you have a great product and have been happy with it's performance but if people can't install it what good is it to either me or you.

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          Peter M

          You have an excellent point but often what works for one installation wont work for another, but I agree it would help if more hints were given as to other possible solutions.


          Sorry it took so long to answer you but we just moved to these new forums and it takes a bit of getting used to.


          So is everything OK now?


          In future you can always ask in these forums or simply right-click the taskbar icon and select Customer Support and follow the prompts to either Technical Support Chat for such issues or Customer Service Chat if you have account questions.



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