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    Cannot boot from secondary drive after encryption

      My notebook has only one hard drive in the multibay ( I removed the first drive from the PC which was extremely slow ) and I booted windows XP from that drive.

      After I installed Endopoint Encryption and rebooted, the notebook froze at Windows XP boot selection screen.

      How can I resolve this problem ? It would be greatly helpful only if I can salvage data in the drive.



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          Check if USB legacy is disabled in BIOS on this PC.

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            There is a chance that you have unique installs of EEPC on each hard drive. You should check the admin console to see if you have a duplicate object of your machine name. Export the keys for both the original object and the duplicate object. Then use those keys to decrypt each drive individually (using WinTech). It will probably be easiest to only have one drive inserted at a time. Be sure to use the Workspace Functions in WinTech to validate that you are using the right key for each hard disk. If you don't know how to do this, call support and get to tier 2.


            By the way, you can prevent this from happening in v5.2.1 and later by using a defscm.ini file on the server before you build your install set. There is a new option that will treat the drive in the multibay properly. The exact name escapes me, but I know it is possible.