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    Need help installing EPO patch 3 agent


      I donwloaded MA400P3Win, ran the framepkg_upd.exe. But when I check the EPO sever for the system I installed it on, it doesn't show any patches installed for the EPO agent.


      Any thoughts?



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          the UPD is the stand alone package. You should really check in the epo deployable package into the ePO server, then get a copy of the FRMPKG.EXE from the <install_path>\DB\Software\Current\ePOAgent3000\Install\0409\


          If you really need to use the standalone package, you will have to install it with the following switches...


          framepkg_upd.exe /install=agent /siteinfo= c:\temp\sitelist.xml


          Where the c:\temp\sitelist.xml is a path to a SITELIST.XML from the ePO Server you are using. (file should be local)

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            a little more specific as im sure it is needed


            Installing the agent with user-selected site information and user-selected


            Use this command to install the agent and specify a site list file and security keys (



            srpubkey.bin and reqseckey.bin)

            other than the defaults. This command is useful when upgrading an agent using FramePkg_upd.exe. It specifies the

            server with which the agent communicates, irrespective of the site information embedded in the original installation


            framepkg.exe /install=agent /siteinfo=<full path of sitelist.xml>

            The security keys must be located in the same folder as the site list. Use ePolicy Orchestrator to export the files:

            1. Export the Sitelist file:

            a. Select Software | Master Repository.

            b. Click Export Sitelist.

            c. Save the file to a new location.

            2. Export the security keys:

            a. Select Configuration | Server Settings | Security Keys, and click Edit.

            b. Select Master Agent-server secure communication key, and click Export.

            c. Save the file to the same location as the Sitelist file(the file exported is ZIPPED, you must unzip all the files inside the zip to the same folder of the sitelist.xml)


            the above process is for ePO4.0, ePO4.5 is slightly different with the console navigation.