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    database error

      we have an issue with the user database for one of our collections,
      when a sync is rune we get the following errors

      error processing user (ID=000002c8): [e0050030] client data store object not found
      there are 16 different user entries

      I have checked our recycle bin and the users are not there ( we dont completely delete you never know when you need to restore) and I have checked for duplicates (I have read in previous posts about duplictes causing this error) but I cannot find any.

      We have also as per previous posts replaced the dll file with a previous version
      our system

      win xp pro sp3, build 5600 v5.1.8

      we have 300+ users in this group and need to get a resolution, so we know that changes are replicating, and if the database is corrupt or has errors we cant be sure changes are happening.
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          are you sure this is a database problem, and not a problem with the local client store on one machine?

          Normally this error refers to a local problem on one machine (resolved in the current release).
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            no we have the same error on multiple machines, if it was 1 machine I would remove and re encrypt, but it seems to be on all machines in this group
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              Our database is plagued with problems like this and McAfee has been unable to figure out why object corruption continues to occur.

              Their answer has always been either "Upgrade to the newest version (even if we were on the latest version)" or "Redesign your database - you should only have 500 objects or less per User or Machine Group".

              We have been able to get rid of these "dead" objects in the database, which MIGHT be why you're seeing these sync errors, by using the sbadmcl tool in conjunction with the cleanupmachinegroup and cleanupusergroup options.

              SBADMCL -Command:CleanupMachineGroup -Adminuser:***** -Adminpwd:***** -Group:”*****” -Database:"*****"

              SBADMCL -Command:CleanupUserGroup -Adminuser:***** -Adminpwd:***** -Group:”*****” -Database:"*****"

              It'll tell you at the end after running against each group if it found and removed any corrupt objects in the DB.

              (I'd also use Group Scan to check for orphaned objects - from the MEE Admin Console)

              Hope this helps
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                Thanks for the info I will have a bash
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                  OK found the tool, assume it opens in command prompt, is there any docs on where to run it,
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                    In the Documentation folder you should have some reference to what commands are available.

                    "Endpoint Encryption Scripting Tool User Guide" is the name of the PDF.

                    The command scructure is in XML, which I don't quite follow, but if you use the same params as listed in the document with the dash and dash & colon you get the same results.
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                      your problem is not related to anything in the database - it's a problem with the client itself.

                      it would be unwise to tinker with the database when there's nothing to indicate its broken.
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                        McAfee Gold and Platinum support recommended to me that I "tinker" with our database using these commands on a regular basis (monthly). They state it is a maintenance task.

                        Do you believe that the cleanupmachinegroup and/or cleanupusergroup can or will have adverse effects on a database?

                        I ask because of our ongoing issues like this error he was having, on multiple machines (2 or 3 a week) that are healthy good hard drives per thorough diagnostics, that appear to "corrupt" the database objects.
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                          The problem I think is more the old version (5.1.8) of the client than anything else - it's more sensitive to slow/unreliable db links than the newer version (5.2). If you do have big groups, you simply need an adequate server to deliver them. If you have big groups and a hand-me-down server, you're asking for trouble.

                          The cleanup commands won't do anything they are not meant to do, but they have to be used correctly - you should make sure your db is offline before running them for sure. Any open objects will get treated as corrupt by these commands and will get removed from groups.

                          Mostly people forget this and are astounded when the command orphans out a whole bunch of busy machines. .
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