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    Long delay waiting for the EPO 4.5 master repository to timeout when updating



      We have configured EPO Server- McAfeeFTP - McAfee HTTP as repositories for the client to update from is this order.

      When the client is connected to a network with no access to the EPO Server it takes 45 seconds before skipping this repository and moving down the list.

      If the client gets a DNS resolving on the EPO Server name, it takes almost 3 minutes before timing out.

      FTP and HTTP uses faar less time to give up, and moving along down the list.


      Any ideas??


      Also if some has info regarding possible command line or script/program possibilities to trig the update in some way.

      I know the mcupdate.exe /update /Quiet.
      But this alone does not solve any of the above mentioned problem

      For eksample if I could name the repository to use in a script/command line way it would be very helpful.



      EPO 4.5 with agent 4,5

      VSE 8.7i Patch 2