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    ePO 4.5 Where are McAfee Agent Proxy Settings Configured to Access Fallback McAfee HTTP Site?




      Could somebody please explain the difference between the proxy settings, configured in the ePO server settings, and the proxy settings configured in the McAfee Agent policies, as it relates to the McAfee Agent, running on a Windows workstation trying to obtain DAT files from a fallback site configured to point to McAfee HTTP when either a) the PC it outside of the network managed by ePO or b) there are no repositories available to pull the update?


      On page 86 of the PO 4.5 Product Guide, it says that the agent proxy settings are used "to access the McAfee update sites".  This made sense to me.  I thought that this is where you configure proxy settings for agents to access the McAfee HTTP fallback site.


      However, on page 135 of the same ePO 4.5 Product Guide, it says the server proxy settings are used "to ensure that the ePO master repository, managed systems,   . .  . can access the Internet when using the McAfee HTTP and the McAfee FTP sites as the source and fallback sites . . . for configuring the ePO master repository, the McAfee Agent, and MyAvert to connect to the download site directory or via a proxy".  This sounds to me like computers would use these settings when obtaining DAT files from McAfee HTTP.


      This is confusing - there seem to be two locations identified where proxy settings are specified for the McAfee Agent to obtain DAT files from the McAfee HTTP fallback site.