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    Dell Mini 10 Frozen Black Screen

      Hi, we are having major problems trying to encrypt our Dell Mini 10 laptops (bios v05).

      We install SafeBoot as per normal, synch with the database and let the laptop fully encrypt.

      But as soon as we reboot the machine (either fully encrypted or even just started) it shows the "Starting McAfee Endpoint Encryption" blurp for a split second at the top of the screen, then just goes to a black screen and does nothing.

      I have seen this with 2 different makes of HDD too.

      • Seagate ST9160827AS Momentus 5400 SATA 160 GB Hard drive
      • Western Digital WD1600BEVT 160 GB 5400RPM SATA 8 MB 2.5-Inch Notebook Hard Drive.

      We have tried it with SaferBoot version 4.1.9 and 5.2.1 with the same results.

      Anyone else come accross this?

      Thanks in advance