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    4.0 to 4.5

      Hi All


      Just upgraded our 3.6.1 server to 4.0, late I know but we were happy with 3.6.1 however with support ending soon figured we had do do it eventually.


      Anyway, really not liking the new system, seems to be a lot more clicks required to do simple tasks, also seems more difficult to get around the system and see the information (be it policies, machines, reports).  Could be just I need more time with it but I'm wondering if there are improvements in 4.5 over 4.0 that resolve some of my problems?  Given that 4.0 was the 1st web interface I'm hoping 4.5 may have improved on things (dramatically?)


      Thanks for any feedback


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          I never worked with 3.6. I've started on 4.0 and then upgraded to 4.5. It did take a bit to get used to, but i think it was well worth it. 4.5 does alot more automation that 4.0 did not have. the only problem that I have with 4.5 is that in 4.0 we had Notification Rules. in 4.5 we have Automated Responses. The new process I didn't care for, there were many more options within this and a bit more confusing. Overall you will find 4.5 to be very simple once you get used to it. To use all the functionality with ePo 4.5, you will need to have all the agents on 4.5.


          Good Luck


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            Once you get used to McAfee ePO 4.5 and the differences between navigation you will be very happy. You are probably feeling what we call "right-click pain."ePO 3.6.1 was heavily weighed towards right-clicking your way through the interface but as you migrated towards the web-based management interfaces in ePO 4.0 and 4.5 you've noticed this feature removed. I've attached the product guide for ePO 4.5 to highlight some of the key features within 4.5. If you quickly skim through the section on tasks starting on page 148, it will provide you with a few hints on navigation. Hope this helps.




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              I'm currently migrating my 3.6.1 clients over to 4.5 (I took the plunge).

              I didn't like the interface of 4.0 when I tried it a couple of years ago- (I can't remember what it was like) but I went straight to 4.5 and I've got used to it now.


              Best thing about it is your customisable dashboards that let you know whats going on and tags are great in my environment.


              Can you setup a virtual server with ePO 4.5 on it at all so that you can see what the difference is?




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                ePO 4.5 has more "automation" type improvements than 4.0 had. That said, there many GUI differences/enhancements from 3.6.1 to 4.x versions. The intent with the 4.0 version was to make it more user friendly for the administrators of the system moving forward like graphical reporting enhancements, moving systems to different containers, better automated administrator tasks, etc.. 4.5 took it to another level with adding more automation type tools for to assist with many of the tasks that go with managing a global environment.


                That said if your curious about 4.5, there is a virtual environment (think of it as a playground) within the McAfee Labs site that you can work with ePO 4.5 and get a feel for it first before installing it into your environment.


                Here is the McAfee Labs for the ePO 4.5 scenario:


                Using the McAfee Global Solutions Lab, you can perform an upgrade from ePO 4.0 to ePO 4.5 as well as view and test the ePO 4.5 environment by clicking on the following link:



                NOTE: You will need to register (if you haven't already) to the Global Labs so you can use the various scenarios available but I really think you will find the Global Labs very useful.


                Hope this helps!




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                  If I can put this in simple words, below is how I felt after using the 3 versions


                  ePO 3.6.1   -           Good

                  ePO 4.0      -           Better

                  ePO 4.5      -           Best


                  So get upgraded soon to 4.5.


                  - A

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                    Best way to put this is that ePO 4.5 has about 50% of the FMR's and features that 4.0 should of had. If you don't like 4.0, 4.5 should be a better fit.

                    Biggest seller for most people is the ability to search (filter) for machines on the system tab. As where 4.0 you had to constantly go back to the search on the dashboard.

                    The other really nice thing about 4.5 is that McAfee finally has a solution for the DMZ (besides another epo server), and locked down subnets, with use of the Agent Handlers.



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                      Thanks for the replies everyone, the GSL lab slipped my mind, I'll have a look at 4.5 there.


                      Just feeling I might as well go to 4.5 while I'm upgrading, need to upgrade the MSDE DB first.


                      Thanks again