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    Systemguards problem

      Good morning,


      I am running SecurityCenter 9.15 on a XP machine.

      Every day, and sometimes more often than that, after there has been an automatic update, I get a warning message that tells me that my computer is not fully protected because Systemguards has been disabled.  I must select FIX and then things return to normal, until the next time.

      I ran the online doctor but it found nothing.  How come that the automatic installer is unable to complete its task without user input?  Sure takes a bite out of the word AUTOMATIC !!

      Is there a selection on my McAfee settings that is not correct that causes this?

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          Hey Tazzman,


          A couple of possible issues come to mind regarding the issue with SystemGuards.


          The local cached copy of a database used by system guards has been corrupted. If this is the issue fix it will resolve the issue.


          The other possibility is a file system permission issue with a log folder. If the permission are too restrictive the SystemGuards server can not write file to the log folder this can cause the service to shut down.


          A step by step FAQ is available on our Support Site, http://service.mcafee.com/FAQSearch.aspx?lc=4105&sg=TS&pt=1

          Look for FAQ number TS100403. There are three options in the article, try then in order and test the issue after each one.


          Let me know if you have any issue with the article

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            For several months I (apparently along with many others - see the rest of the forum) have also been receiving the message  'Your computer is not protected' on a daily basis from the McAfee Security Center.


            All the symptoms are exactly as you described. I've had numerous chats with the local McAfee Technical support but nothing has helped, not even reinstalling the software. They have also performed a Remote Online session, however the problem persists. Also I've run a Full Virus Scan several times but the PC has a clean bill of health.


            However, I have discovered something that seems to me to be relevant, as follows:


            1. In the Chat sessions, Technical Services always ask me to run 'Services.msc', Right-click on 'McAfee SystemGuards' and then click on 'Properties'. The 'Startup Type' field is then usually set to 'Manual'. TC then ask me to change this to 'Automatic'  and seem to expect that this will solve the problem.


            2. I've noticed that the SystemGuards 'Startup Type' stays at 'Automatic'  until either:


               a. I run a McAfee application from within Security Center, for instance Quick Scan, or


               b. I restart my PC (n.b. McAfee products are run during startup).


            If I then run Services.msc I see that SystemGuards Startup Type is once again 'Manual'! So it's not sticky.


            I imagine that Startup Type 'Manual' means that if SystemGuards is stopped for some reason then it won't automatically start again and I would eventually get the warning in question. Although I don't know what causes SystemGuards to be stopped, once it has been then the fact that it can't be automatically restarted seems to me to be consistent with the symptoms we are getting.


            This may be a clue and I would like to bring this to the attention of MaCafee. Is any MaCafee Techie reading this?





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              I have experienced this same problem, only at boot time.  The "not protected" popup appears, and sure enough, "System Guards" are disabled.

              "Fix" may or may not correct this.  On occasion (but not always), the problem resolves itself without user intervention, suggesting that timing of Windows service initialization may be involved.


              Several observations:


              1)  The McAfee Windows service "McAfee System Guards" (aka "mcsysmon") is set to startup type "Manual".  If I change the start-up to "Automatic", the boot-time problem occurs much less frequently.  ("Much less" as in at least one (1) problem occurence even when set to "Automatic").


              2)  The daily update process ("DAT" and others) seems to reset the above Windows service to "Manual".  (If I re-boot after the daily McAfee update, the original problem manifests itself).


              3)  Another potential "fly in the ointment" is Lavasoft's newest "Ad-Aware".  The original reported problem has become much more frequent following the upgrade to the newest "Ad-Aware".  Turning off the Lavasoft service ("AAWservice") ameliorates the problem, as does turning of "Ad-Watch Live" option.


              While it is easy to point the investigation to the Lavasoft problem, the original problem ("System Guards disabled") occurs with or without "Ad-Aware" installed.

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                Could you try installing this app from Microsoft the cleansup your user profile. This may help