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    McAfee Agent 4 - How does a McAfee Agent check what repository servers contain the latest DAT files

      Does anyone know how this works?


      My understanding is, the new McAfee Agent (McAfee Agent 4) on ePO4 doesn't use the sitemaplist.xml to keep a list of available repository servers (via subnet value or ping time) anymore. Instead it keeps this information in memory.


      I noticed recently that one of my clients was using an unexpected repo server for its updates. Upon closer investigation I realised that its local repo servers DAT was 1 day old. I replicated to the clients local repo and when the replication task finished, almost immediatley the client started using the local repo.


      I was wondering how the McAfee Agent on the client knew the local repo server had the latest DAT file and started using it. I don't think it got the information from the ASCI as I would have seen this in the McAfee Agent logs......