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    Did you speak or chat with a McAfee Consumer Support tech recently?  Tell me how it worked out for you.

    Tracy Romine

      With this newfangled Community page up and running, I hope you'll share your experiences openly and regularly.  If it was great, I'll praise the Agent and encourage more to be just like him/her.  If it was bad, we'll see what we can do to get things fixed.  Glad you're here.

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          Well this isn't really about the agents, but I tried to use the chat recently, I filled out the form and all the formalities, after which I was shown a link to download the chat client. Only thing is the link directed me to the customer support page, where I could not find at all how to download this chat client. Obviously I didn't manage to get a response to my inquiry

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            Tracy Romine

            Couple possibilities.  Last Tuesday evening (US - Central Standard Time), we had a scheduled maintenance, which may have prevented the Chat client app from opening.


            If it wasn't last Tuesday, maybe pop-up blocker on your system could have prevented the Chat install from happening.  After entering your personal information, you are led to a page like the one that's attached to this post, as a picture.  If you have pop-up blocking enabled, it can prevent you from seeing the resulting window, that leads you into the chat.  See this link, which explains how to turn pop-up blocking off:  http://support.microsoft.com/kb/909604.


            I checked into whether we've had any issues on the back-end, which could lead to chat functionality problems, and nobody has reported anything.


            By the way, if you're a new McAfee customer, or have installed McAfee software within the last 30-days, you can talk to our agents by phone, for free.


            Hope this helps.



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              Unfortunately, the two times I have used the Live Support it has not been a positive experience.


              Upon the advice of repair technician I switched from Norton to McAfee.  After downloading McAfee Internet Security I could not print from Word Perfect and my Internet Explorer window had a black band across the tool bar that contains my favorites button, suggested sites, etc. as well as the command bar.


              I contacted Live Support and got Sajeer (chat log 105064588 - I saved it) who was less than helpful.  After disabling the fire wall with no resolution of my problems he advised me to contact my system vendor or ISP.  I've attached the conversation.


              At no time did Sajeer offer to go into my system and try to resolve the problem.  I even suggested that McAfee might not recognize my printer.


              After closing the session I uninstalled McAfee and my problems were resolved.  When I reinstalled the program without many of the features which did not feel I needed I was still okay.  I then contacted Live Service again to let them know that they had not helped me and that McAfee was indeed the reason I had a problem.  I got someone named Teena.  She didn't seem to listen to me, however she did take over my computer and looked around, then changed a configuration that allowed McAfee to recognize my printer.  Bare in mind that I was able to print at this point anyway.


              Today - the security centre updated and NOW I once again have a black band over the toolbar and command bar of Internet Explorer.  Obviously the update reinstalled whatever it was that was causing the problem.


              I'm really not happy with this program or the service I have received to date.

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                Tracy Romine



                Sorry to hear of this.  I'm forwarding your case to a special escalation team for handling.  They'll be in touch soon.  And if this is indeed a product issue, they'll collect some data that can help our development team ensure it gets addressed.  Thanks for your input.  I want to make sure we get to the bottom of this.


                Tracy Romine

                Consumer Support Product Manager

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                  Thank you!


                  I would really like to get this black bar on Internet Explorer resolved.

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                    In a word, awful.


                    I used the live chat service -- spoke with Prasannakumar, GoToAssist_ChatLog_105341866 -- and got a complete runaround, ultiately resulting in Prasannakumar "hanging up" on my by terminating the session.


                    Instead of receiving tech support, I endured repeated attempts to up-sell me to another McAfee service.  I found it to be not only a terrible customer support experience, but also a cynical business practice.


                    I was left with the impression that McAfee has little respect for its customers.


                    My experience of being infected with a Trojan Horse despite McAfee "protection" has left me doubting the value of the product.


                    My experience of being poorly and ineffectually treated by McAfee's tech support -- and having my problem treated as an upsell opportunity -- has left me a disaffected customer.


                    If you are able to intervene to help me recover my previous faith in McAfee, that would be most appreciated.  In the meantime, I'll be looking up the date when my McAfee subscription expires.

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                      Tracy Romine



                      Saw your post while our on Christmas break.  Been thinking about ways to improve the Support experience.


                      First off, the infection that occurred with your machine is one of those unfortunate situations where a new virus or variant of one must not yet have had a signature entered into our DB.  According to the latest (Dec 2009) AV-test.org virus detection research, McAfee is #1 against all competitors when it comes to identifying and stopping bugs.  But nobody provides 100% protection.  I think the upsell you were getting was likely for Virus Removal Service.  The Support agent you were working with is an expert on our products, but not on the dirty work of virus removal.  We've been trying to figure out some way to provide this costly service to McAfee customers without it breaking our bank, or yours.  But bottom line, the agents handling this service have to be highly trained, and it can be a time-consuming call...which raises costs.  On the software side of the business, our people are working on some new technology development that will only improve our protection results.  In the meantime, I'd like to recommend you run this free program: http://download.cnet.com/Malwarebytes-Anti-Malware/3000-8022_4-10804572.html?par t=dl-10804572&subj=dl&tag=button .  It is often successful at ripping out the trojan I think you got stung by (Fake-Alert).  Did you get pop-ups that told you you were infected with a bunch of things, and then attempting to get you to buy another product?  If so, that's the dog.


                      Get back to me if you're still having trouble.


                      Tracy Romine

                      Consumer Support Product Manager

                      Plano, TX - USA

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                        Summary – A complete waste of time.  Where does McAfee recruit from?  I could get a job for one of my cats; they’re very good at typing gibberish.



                        I had the unfortunate experience of speaking with 5 people in tech support and chatting with 3.  It was a total waste of time.



                        I found that when actually talking to a person, they were polite; though very uninformed.  It seems that their first line of defense is to pass the ball to someone else.  Hence, I was bounced between Home and Enterprise until they wore me down to a nub.




                        Using chat was an absolute waste of time.  The first person I chatted with was for an update problem on a legacy VirusScan product (v4.5.1 SP1).  She told was a “home” support person and told me that I was using a enterprise product and should call them instead.  I did that and was told by the “enterprise” person that it was a home product and he transferred me.  Then the home person told me it was enterprise and that person told me it was home; and I gave up.  Oh, did I mention the time spent waiting and listening to the awful hold music??




                        I decided to use a more current version offered for free by my Employer.  Then it was back to chat hell.




                        I contacted a home chat person who was about as helpful as a pet rock.  After much frustration, he asked if he could escalate our chat.  I can’t understand why he didn’t suggest that 10-15 minutes earlier!?!?




                        Then I was connected to a tier-2 support person.  What a joke.  After a few exchanges with the tier-2 person, I could see that he didn’t know anything and asked for tier-3 contact.  Unfortunately for me (and McAfee), there’s nothing higher than tier-2.



                        My “issue” was that I wanted a way to update multiple installations with a single downloaded update (because I live on the wrong side of the Digital Divide and use dial-up as my primary connection); as I had been able to do with VirusScan v4.1.5 SP1 for around 8 years.  He told me that that was not possible with Home products and that v4.5.1 was a legacy “enterprise” product.  About every third response from him was that the ability to download an update and apply to multiple installations wasn’t an option.  Another of his frequent suggestions was to upgrade my connection (work with your ISP and I’m sure they’ll have a solution for you).  Could he actually think that I enjoy paying DLS prices for dial-up speed???




                        Those poor chat people are so bored that they try to confuse you with meaningless dribble:

                        “The computer IP need to be pinged directly with McAfee server and will start downloading the lateset [sic] updated available from McAfee server.”




                        What the hell does that have to do with anything?  I use dial-up and my IP address should change with every connection.  Even within my network, only one machine has a fixed IP address.  The rest are assigned dynamically.




                        Eventually I thought I had worked out a possible solution (while I was off on tangents from the misleading/uninformed chat dribble).  I would download the software and re-install on all of my computers once or twice a month (more frequently if there were high threats).  So I asked the chat agent if the new download would have the current DAT and engine updates.  He said it would, so I explained my solution, thanked him, and tried to distance myself from him as quickly as possible.




                        Unfortunately, the download link points to an installer; not the full version (don't know why the Agent didn't tell me this).  So my solution won’t work, but I’m working on another…




                        I just joined the Community and look forward to seeing the positive interactions.  I’m sure there must be some, but I interacted with 8 individuals in one day and I didn’t see even a hint of intelligence…


                        Oh, one last parting jewel.  The download method used by VirusScan Plus is brain dead.  My computer has been trying to download what seems to be 100MB worth of data for the past two days.  The highest percent completion I've seen is around 50%.  For some reason, the download keeps restarting and it doesn't start from where it left off.  Come on McAfee, even Microsoft has figured out how to do downloads.



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                          I'm wondering if my McAfee chat session was highjacked by a hacker.  I was trying to resolve a problem with McAfee Anti-Spam updates, and the McAfee employee thought it was a good idea if I uninstalled McAfee and used Norton AV instead.




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