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    McAfee Virtual Technician for ePO 1.0 (Beta)

      Dear McAfee Customer,


      McAfee is pleased to announce that it is performing Beta testing of “McAfee Virtual Technician for ePO 1.0”.

      About McAfee Virtual Technician for ePO 1.0


      ePO-MVT 1.0 is intended to provide facility for ePO Administrators to do health check and remediation of McAfee products on the ePO managed end-nodes. A single point of access of health of McAfee products in the enterprise network goes a long way in monitoring the security of the network. This product will be supported on both ePO 4.0 & 4.5.


      The main features of McAfee Virtual Technician for ePO 1.0 Beta:

      o        ePO Administrator to be able to either manually or schedule MVT Health check and remediation of point products on end nodes

      o        MVT health check and remediation in silent mode on the end nodes

      o        ePO Administrator to be able to schedule an MVT scan, with or without remediation, on any managed node.

      o        ePO administrator to have an option on deciding whether health check report from the end nodes can be uploaded to McAfee MVT Server or not.

      o        ePO administrator to be able to do Selective Health Check and Remediation.

      o        Handling machine reboot requirement.

      o        Update MVT client and content onto the end nodes.

      o        ePO MVT reporting onto the ePO Server.

      o        Option to upload ePO MVT report from the ePO Server to the MVT server.