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    SafeTech completely hangs during Emergency Boot

      I have Lenovo Desktop PC on which SafeTech completely hangs during Emergency Boot procedure. No disk activity, no keyboard or mouse response. How do I troubleshoot this condition? Is SafeTech 5.2.x known to have issues in this procedure with some hardware configurations?
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          I am unsure about safetech but with safeboot in general I have had a lot of issues with lenovo/ibm machines that freeze after the Preboot authentication with similar symptoms. The option for Update MBR in the filesets has to be turned on for us. I am unsure if it has anything to do with the hanging in emergency boot.

          Are you testing 5.2.1? Or did you deploy it? I think it just came out.
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            Currently just testing 5.2.1 and having hard time to find any support information regarding this problem.
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              Not sure how much exposure you have had to SafeTech, but I have had to wait up to 10 minutes for a machine to respond choosing the floppy drive in the tool and also authenticating to the database or other actions.

              Make sure you're not jumping the gun and assuming it's doing nothing - I've made that mistake and found out just leaving it eventually finishes whatever it's trying to do.

              Also - from talking with the Tech Support people they recommend using Floppy Disk over creating the SafeTech on USB thumbdrive or CD. If they work, great - if not, default to the Floppy Disk (if you can find one to dust off! grin )
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                I'm using floppy drive. Have waited 24 hours, no difference. No progress shown anywhere.
                This PC used to work with SafeBoot 4.2 SafeTech Emergency Boot without issues.