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    Identity Protection did not install

      I have Inernet Security 2010 and windows 7. After install i noticed it said i needed attention on the internet tab. It said Identity Protection was not installed. I clicked to correct and it took me to McAfee's web site and told me i needed to upgrade to the software i already have. Anyone know why it didn't install or how to get it?
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          Hi Camaroman,

          Please confirm the following,

          Were you having any previous versions of mcafee suites in this computer?

          How are you trying to install the Inernet Security 2010 through a cd or from the Internet?



          Dinesh K

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            I did not have a previous version and i installed from a disk but i have 64bit windows7 so it downloaded the install.

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              I have this same problem after installing Internet Security 2010 tonight. I did an uninstall of the 2009 version and then restarted and installed 2010. I did a custom install with Security Center, Virus Scan, Firewall, and Easy Network. I then noticed an "attention" under "Internet and Network" and it says "Identity Protection is not installed on your computer". I even tried installing it both ways; first time I downloaded/installed the latest versions of the products online and the second time installed off the cd first and then updated it and still the same thing. Any ideas? Thanks.

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                Identity protection is part of McAfee Parental Controls - Since you haven't installed Parental Controls its giving that message in Internet & Network - So nothing to worry

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                  Can you tell me what specifically the Identity Protection does? If it's something that is really important then I'll install the Parental Controls. I just thought the Parental Controls were for blocking specific websites, I didn't think this would be part of it. Thanks.

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                    Identity protection is a features of Parental control that helps to protect you personel information . There are 2 features that forms the Identity protection  " Personel Information protection" and " Password Vault". Personel information protection provides you option where you can add you information like "Credit Card/ Debit Card/Telephone number etc" and those information added to "Personel information protection" while used on the internet woiuld send in a encrypted manner , so that intruders would not be able to obtain them.


                    "Password Vault" helps you to add all your password for ex:banking password / online password etc and you will have to set a Master password for the vault to get in to it and check the information within the vault.Helps you to recall your password if you forget them and also saving them ina secure place.




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