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    Reset Security Questions in Vista


      Is there any way to reset those 3 security questions on Vista for v1.0.0.25? Searched the forum, seems like neither reinstall, nor MCPR software, nor "Recovery.*" files apply for Vista.

      I have entered some random values a while ago and forgot it. Now I need to use the software, but without the ability to set proper security answers by the administrative user it is useless.

      Thank you!
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          Peter M
          From a McAfee technician....


          To reset the security questions for MAT, the user can do it – although it is not a practice I would recommend often.

          You just need to delete two files:
          Location: C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\McAfee Anti-Theft
          Filenames: Recovery.* - It should be “Recovery.dat” and “Recovery.pub” (alter the drive letter if the installation is on a different drive).

          Deleting these two files will allow the user to change the answers to the security questions. The next time the user creates a vault they will be prompted to answer the security questions again.

          [COLOR=Navy]Changing the security questions will not allow you to access any vaults that have already been created. Any existing vaults will prompt the user to provide the old security questions and answers.[/COLOR]

          In Vista I think that would be c:\users\USER\AppData\Local
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            Thanks for reply Ex_Brit, but unfortunately this is not the case in Vista. There is no "Recovery.*" file at all in the entire "c:\users" folder. :confused:
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              Peter M
              Try c:\users\yourUSERname\AppData\roaming - sorry I have no idea where it actually is in Vista.