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    Network backup of Vault

      I have Antitheft installed on a laptop on my home network. It seems to work fine on there, day to day.

      I back up a variety of the files on this laptop to a drive on another computer on this network for disaster recovery purposes.

      The laptop is Vista, the "server" PC is XP SP3.

      I want to be able to back up the Vault from the laptop to the server using an automated backup utility which runs from the server.

      I have no interest in opening the Vault on the server I just want it transferred to there for Disaster recovery purposes, in case the laptop has an error - so I can rebuild the laptop, restore all the "data" that was on it including the files inside the vault, once I've reinstalled Anti-theft.

      However, I don't seem to be able to do this.

      When the Vault is locked on the laptop, I don't appear to be able to share it on the network so that I can run my backup routine.

      When the vault is unlocked on the laptop, I am able to share it on the network, but the server is able to browse the directory structure and the files within, unsecured. I could backup the files individually in their unlocked state, but this completely defeats the purpose of the Vault since I will have unsecured copies of the files in the Vault on my network, so that's not an option for me.

      Before I bought Anti-Theft, I did speak to Mcafee people via Tech support online chat who told me that it was possible to back up a Vault in the way I require.

      Please can someone tell me what I'm missing so that I can back up my Vault over the network to my server using the automated backup process.