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    Cannot download Anti-Theft from MyAccount

      Hi... I'm running out of ideas, so.... here goes.

      When I log into MyAccount, I see a list of all the McAfee products I have purchased to-date. I purchased "McAfee Anti-Theft File Protection" yesterday and would like to install it.

      However, when I click on the "Download" button associated with this product, a new web page is opened (http://ca.mcafee.com/root/runapplication.asp?appid=170&appaffid=0&productkey=) and the message is:
      File Not Found (404)

      The page you are looking for is temporarily unavailable or no longer exists.
      Please check the URL again or look below for help.

      So far, I have run the Virtual Technician (at least 3 times), have chatted with both a Customer Service Rep and a Support Rep... The support Rep had me modify the Hosts file in my Drivers directory, reset the Advanced options of Internet Explorer, run the McAfee PreInstall Tool.... nothing seems to work.

      What is the trick to downloading the McAfee Anti-Theft File Protection software ?
      Is there a special URL I need to go to ?

      Help :confused:
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          Try going to

          Sign into your McAfee account and you should be able to download it from there.

          I just tried with your account and it works fine.
          Possibly at the time there was an issue with the download servers.

          Please let me know if you got it to work.
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            Nope -- still won't work.

            Acutally... I had use the free phone support to talk to a support person. Had to surrender the control of my PC... he must had worked at it for over ½ hour before it would download... once !!

            Never seen anything like this.... he must have reset/clear all my Internet settings, deleted all my cookies and temp files several times... but he actually got the downloading going.

            Perhaps McAfee should change their way to provide this software.

            (just to end the story, I will add that the software never worked as expected... had all kind of problems with the vault locking up and not closing... tried several fixes identified here to no avail... a very, very frustrating sequence of events !! but, since it was free software, I guess I can't complain too much)