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    No files in a vault.


      A friend of mine's mainboard fried and it had to be replaced. The vault file could be backed up (4GB) and she told me she moved all her photos and videos there. The hard disk had to be reformatted and the operating system was reinstalled along with Mcafee Security 2009 and the latest Anti-theft version.

      The thing is... I try to open the vault file we previously backed up on DVDs and it asks me for a password. We enter the correct password, the program assigns a Drive letter to that vault file but... NO PHOTOS!! NO VIDEOS!! What is wrong there? All her precious data was stored there but the vault now looks completely empty. Please someone help us.. She has all photos and videos of her twins babies since they were born in that vault file!! We desperately need to recover them.

      Thank you in advance to all those willing to help.

      - Paul