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    Prompted UnLocking of vaults

      I got this for my wife to use with Quicken. I have not installed it yet. I read the user guide but did not see any means of 'prompting' for a vault password at system start up or program start up (such as when starting Quicken) to open the vaults.

      I'm familiar with OTFE by Sara Dean. I use it on thumb drives as it has a portable feature where it is all on the thumb drive.

      I got this hoping it was easier to set up and run. I'm just checking before I start and try to explain it to my wife.

      If there is a command line way to run the unlock, I can script the start up of Quicken to get the password and open the vault, and then close the vault at the end.

      She already uses passwords on the files in Quicken, so adding one more prompted password would not be that terrible. Having her click on the tray icon to get the vault unlocked is just one more thing for her to do.