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    Hard Drive Problems

      Okay, here's the problem, hopefully someone can suggest a solution.

      I previously posted a question about finding my vaults on my hard drive after the hard drive "re-organised" itself. I now have the problem where I had to have my hard drive replaced in my laptop because of unresolvable problems with my old hard drive.

      I got my old drive back from the PC shop untouched (ie. they didn't do any work on it, just put the new hard drive in my laptop). I am currently downloading old data from the old hard drive by plugging it into my laptop as an external drive. My problem is that I cannot find my McAfee vaults or any of the data that was kept in them. So after all of your helpful advice previously, I seem to have "lost" my documents again.

      Has anyone heard of this problem before, or can offer any solutions? I have tried the advice that was previously successful but this time I cannot find the data using this same solution.

      Any advice is greatly appreciated. Thank you.

      - DK
        • 1. check the Drive letters...

          hi... when you said that the previous successful solution did not resolve the problem were you referring to this?

          if you were referring to the same thread and you did the same exact thing then what i suspect is that you are looking at the wrong drive... since the old drive is connected it should have a different drive letter... your C:\ drive is the new hard disk and the old one must have D:\ or E:\ if i'm not mistaken... so try browsing through the D:\ drive or the E:\ drive... or whatever drive letter was given for the old hard disk...

          hope this helps...
          • 2. check the drive letters
            Yes, I did check the E:\ drive (the old hard drive), not the C:\ drive as this is the new installed hard drive.

            On searching on the E:\ drive, I cannot locate any of the data that was stored in my vaults, or the vaults themselves.


            Thank you.:)
            • 3. i'll ask for help

              not really sure how to proceed since you have tried browsing or locating the file in the old hard drive already... let me try to ask for help... hope someone would be able to give us an answer...
              • 4. RE: check the drive letters
                Vinod R

                Normally the vault is locked an stored in the application data folder
                • 5. RE: check the drive letters
                  If the old drive was truly "untouched" by the computer shop, then all your vaults will be on the old drive under the following location.

                  C:\Documents and Settings\USERNAME\Local Settings\Application Data\McAfee Anti-Theft
                  • 6. Hard drive problems
                    Thank you to everyone who responded.

                    I tried everything suggested and nothing worked, however, I just persevered and finally found the documents in some obscure application data folder (not under "username").

                    Thank you again.
                    • 7. RE: Hard drive problems

                      glad you were able to find it...

                      if you don't mind can you post as well the location where you found the files... particularly the application data folder...