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    Lost my vaults


      I'm very new to the forum, so please bear with me :).

      I had a system problem with my Windows XP where Windows was not recognising my profile and subsequently, I lost some saved applications. All of my documents were found in the C:/ drive, however, both of my McAfee vault drives have "disappeared" and all the documents stored in them have also gone - needless to say, important documents.

      Has anyone had a similar experience or does anyone know how I can go about finding my documents?

      I appreciate any help or advice.

      - DK
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          you mentioned you had system problems... how did you go about resolving it? did you reformat the hard drive and reloaded the operating system and your applications?
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            Vinod R
            If it is not so then...

            download and install the Anti-theft again but select repair instead of install....

            see if the vaults are listed under

            the hidden location
            C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data

            it must be named as McAfee or Vault there ( inside that folder you must find the vault)
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              Thank you for both replies.

              I did not have to restore my system using a restore CD, out of three user names on my laptop, only my regular profile was corrupted and the documents moved from MY DOCUMENTS to another location.

              I have followed Vinod's instructions and performed a search, including hidden files, but still cannot locate my documents that were stored in the McAfee Vaults. Arrgh!

              Any other suggestions? Have you heard of this happening to anyone else?

              Thank you for your time and patience.

              - DK
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                The Vaults in XP are stored here.

                C:\Documents and Settings\USERNAME\Local Settings\Application Data\McAfee Anti-Theft

                They have a file extension of .vault
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                  Thank you so much for this last instruction. I followed your advice and have now found my precious documents!!!!

                  Thank you so much.

                  - DK
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                    Vinod R
                    Thanks Jason for providing the accurate location.I mistyped that location and copy pasted instead of %appdata%.