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    McAfee Invalid Vault issue

      I created a Vault with ~ 500 Mb size and it had 250 Mb data

      I created in D drive.

      On more than one ocassions, it has hung / not reponding and I had to force kill the process.
      As I force killed the process last time, it is not recognizing my created Vault as a Valid Vault and Hence I am unable to Lock / Unlock the Vault.

      On clicking Unlock , I get an error message, Invalid Vault with some error code 0x0f ......

      I am using Outlook 2002, and machine is DELL Inspiron 6400, 2 Gb, 2 Ghz, 80 Gb HDD (c:\ D:\) and OS is Win XP Pro SP3. I also have McAfee 9-in-1 Internet Security Suite.

      Please help as I do not have any backup of the Vault data.
      I have also raised case with McAfee Free Tech Support via email but not real progress yet.
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          Vinod R
          Step 1: Open the registry editor
          In Windows XP:

          Click Start, Run, type regedit, and click OK.

          In Windows Vista:

          1. Click Start, Search, and type regedit.
          2. In the Search Results, right-click Regedit and choose Run as Administrator.

          Step 2: Verify values

          1. Navigate to the following registry key:


          2. Verify the following information by double-clicking the keys listed below:

          * ErrorControl has a value of 1
          * Start has a value of 0
          * Type has a value of 1

          If any of these values are incorrect, close the registry editor and continue to the solution steps below.


          Run MVT

          1. Run MVT from the link below:


          2. Restart the computer after MVT completes.


          If you have the Outlook Connector installed in Microsoft Office Outlook 2003 or 2007, and Outlook is running while unlocking a Personal Vault, it will cause McAfee Anti-Theft application to stop responding.

          This does not occur if Outlook is closed during the unlocking of a Personal Vault, or if you upgrade the Outlook Connector to at least version 12.0.4518.1068.
          • 2. Already done the McPvDrv option ...
            I have the values already there as mentioned for the registry. Do you think outlook 2002 is the culprit ?
            • 3. RE: Already done the McPvDrv option ...
              Vinod R
              Yes that is a possibility...
              try to update it to the latest plugin and also see if working with the vaults without outlook open helps
              • 4. Is this problem fixed?
                I have the same problem.
                The vault is created whose size is small.
                I want to make a vault which has 500GB size.
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                  Hi ,


                  Sorry for the delayed response;
                  After you create a Vault, you cannot change the size. If you need a larger Vault, you must create a new one and specify a larger size.

                  1. Create a new Vault that is larger in size than your existing Vault.

                  IMPORTANT: You must have enough free hard drive space for this procedure. For example, if your current Vault is 4GB, and you need a Vault that is 8GB, you must have at least 12GB of free hard drive space to create the larger Vault.

                  2. Unlock both Vaults and drag and drop the files and folders you want into the new vault.
                  3. Delete the old Vault.


                  Dinesh K
                  McAfee Online Community Moderator