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    Closing vault causes Anti-Theft to stop responding

      When we close the Anti-theft vault the Anti-theft program stops responding. We are not getting any error messages. To recover, we have stop the Anti-theft process. When we re-start Anti-theft the vault shows as open, unless we reboot the computer.
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          Ran the batch file this morning. Will respond with any updates. The machine is up to date on patches for Microsoft. The version of outlook running is outlook 2000.
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            Win XP Pro (all updates current). Nothing open but Win Explorer with open Safe.
            Process: Open Safe with link and enter password; Safe opens in Drive X; Click on Safe to view folders in Drive X; Open a folder to dispaly contents; Open second Explorer window to locate two replacement files; Copy (cut/paste) two replacement files into open Drive X folder; Close Explorer window which contained cut replacement files; Close open Drive X folder; Close Explorer window containing Drive X; Click on "lock" in open Explorer window containing Safe. Result: Explorer window containing Safe stops responding - no error message. Fix: Three finger salute and close non-responding Explorer window containing Safe. Exit Windows with Re-Start and when Windows reopens, Safe is locked.
            Using exact same procedure in second computer with Win Vista Ultimate installed creates no problem.
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              Vinod R
              IS outlook open when performing these action?
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                Since no one bothered to reply with a solution, I resolved this problem myself, although I don't have a clue why I have no problem on the Vista computer, when performing the exact same procedure.

                On my Win XP Pro computer, I determined that the automatic McAfee program placement of the actual "vault" contents into a hidden folder in the "C" drive appeared to cause the problem, as I maintain my business files in "D" partition and the "Safe" opens in a McAfee program established virtual "X" drive, actually opening the "vault" folder and its contents in the hidden folder in the "C" drive. Therefore, when I copied files from my "D" drive business folders into the "Safe", I was accessing the "C" drive "vault" contents through the virtual "X" drive.

                This appeared to be a convoluted route, therefore, I forced the "C" drive "vault" to be placed into my Business "D" partition. Now when I copy files from "D" drive to the "vault", which is now also contained within the same "D" drive, through the virtual "X" drive (which really does not exist), I am copying files from a "D" drive folder to a "D" drive (vault) folder and the "Safe" contained in the virtual "X" drive closes without a problem.

                Therefore, if you partition your hard drive (like most knowlegable folks do), force the "vault" to be placed into the partition from which you are going to copy/update files, instead of drive "C". Why McAfee always wants to force everything into drive "C" is beyond me. How about providing the option to change to vault's location out in the open, instead of locating that option in an "Advanced" section of the install program? Oh yes, I also installed the actual Anti-Theft program into partition "G", into which I install all "programs," leaving Drive C to handle only my operating systems (makes for simplified defragging of partions which have been used and leaving other unused partions alone).
                • 7. Vault freeses when try to lock
                  You can also try the following.

                  This issue will happen only if the McAScore process from Site Advisor running.
                  If you disable the MCASCore process and try to close and open the vault, it will work.

                  To fix this issue, what I have tried and succeeded is to enable the Secure Communication (SSL) from the General Settings of Site Advisor. Just check that option and restart. Then try to open and lock vault. It will work.

                  Am I late a little bit in answering this!!!!!!!!:confused:
                  /\/\ay anybody alse can /\/\ake use of it :o
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                    Well, thanks for the reply Sandy. But there exists no problem on the Win Vista Ultimate computer with Site Advisor running. So, if and/or unless there is some kind of programing change between the two McAfee programs for Win XP and Win Vista, the problem may exist within that programing in Win XP and McAfee should look into that difference. I still say that McAfee should allow overt capability to change the location of program insertion for folks who can't find the covert method of placing a McAfee program where they want it. John