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    Win7 and Backup and restore


      I did not receive any notification or warning that Backup and Restore would not be available in Win 7. I searched wrt V9 compatibility and received a thumbs up. I did a backup before upgrading to Win7. I am now trying to access the backup and have learned that its gone and McAfee doesn't have a Win 7 compatibility solution.

      Can anyone provide me with a way to access my last backup. I have two networked computers and both have been upgraded to Win7. Is there another Win 7 compatible software that will read the McAfee backup?
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          Peter M
          If it's the Backup & restore incorporated in Total Protection it is compatible with Windows 7. However the upgrade has probably changed the encryption keys. I suggest contacting Technical Support Chat (link at top left of the page) in this case, especially considering that these forums are about to shut down for an extended period while they move to another host.
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            McAfee advises otherwise. http://service.mcafee.com/FAQDocument.aspx?id=TS100633&lc=1033

            I just signed off from a chat session with technical support and they say that there is no way that I can access the backup file on a cd that I made from the Backup and Support in Security Suite 9.

            If you have a solution, I'm really interested.
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              Peter M
              I stand corrected. I would contact Technical Support Chat in this case.
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                Peter M
                What about this part?


                I need to restore a backup archive made previously with McAfee Backup and Restore and I have already upgraded to Windows 7, what can I do?
                [/B]If your previous backups were performed with the default McAfee Backup and Restore encryption and compression settings disabled, these files are directly accessible to you on any Windows computer, including Windows 7.

                However, if your previous backups were performed with either encryption or compression enabled, McAfee has made available a standalone version of McAfee Backup and Restore that you can download and install on a separate XP or Vista machine that has access to the storage location of the backup archives previously made with McAfee Backup and Restore.

                You can download this standalone utility from: http://us.mcafee.com/root/eol_mback.asp
                This standalone utility functions the same way as the version of the product included with McAfee Internet Security and McAfee Total Protection.
                Following installation, launch the McAfee Backup and Restore utility on the Windows XP or Vista machine and do the following:

                1. On the Missing Files tab at the bottom of the screen, click Browse, then navigate to the location where the archive is stored.

                  NOTE: Archived folder names have the following format:


                2. ddmmyy is the date on which the files were archived
                3. hh-mm-ss is the time on which the files were archived
                4. *** is either Full or Inc, depending on whether a full or quick archive was performed

                [*]Select the most recent dated folder with an F in the folder file name, and then click OK. Files contained in the selected location appear in the Missing Files list, ready to be restored.
                [*]If you want all files to be restored, click Restore All. Otherwise, select the individual files you want restored.
                [/LIST]This procedure works for archives located on a USB stick, external hard drive, CD, DVD, or on a computer on the same shared network as the Vista or XP machine with the McAfee Backup and Restore utility installed. If the location of the archives to be restored is on a Windows 7 machine, they might not be obtainable as McAfee Backup and Restore is not supported on Windows 7.
                What will happen to the backups previously made with McAfee Backup and Restore after I migrate to Windows 7?
                These backups will remain on your selected media (such as DVD or USB attached hard drive) until they are manually removed or deleted. Removing McAfee Backup and Restore functionally does not impact the previously stored files. McAfee recommends keeping these backups intact until users have employed a new backup mechanism.
                I was not a previous user of McAfee Local Backup and Restore. Can I use the standalone Backup and Restore utility?
                The standalone Backup and Restore utility is recommended only for those users that need to restore a backup previously made with the Backup and Restore functionality that was integrated within McAfee Internet Security and McAfee Total Protection. After any necessary restoration, McAfee recommends using an alternate backup program moving forward.
                How long do I have to download and install the standalone Backup and Restore product ?
                McAfee will provide the download link to the standalone backup and restore product until June 2010.
                Is there an alternate local backup product that I may use for Windows 7?
                Windows 7 has an included local backup utility.
                How can I find out more information on how to use McAfee Backup and Restore?
                Refer to the in-product help information.
                How do I find the webpage with the details of this product advisory and information on Backup and Restore functionality?
                Users can learn more by visiting: http://us.mcafee.com/root/eol_mback.asp.

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                  doesn't help unless you have another computer with XP or Vista
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                    Peter M
                    Can't you borrow someones laptop...a friends or a relatives?
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                      you're right, that's my only option. But it sure won't be a simple one!

                      Thanks for the moral support! But I have to say that I am very disappointed with McAfee for not making this more visible to users. I actually did a check to see if Security Suite 9 was compatible and learned that it was. I only found out about this when I was trying to access two files that are no longer on my drive (removed by Windows 7). I have recommended to McAfee that they send an email to all registered product users to let them know. The passive approach (ie. just posting it on the web site) is totally inadequate. I will do what I can to alert others through a few of the Forums that I belong to. Hopefully, some users will also see this thread.
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                        Peter M
                        I agree it could be made much clearer and there should have been a warning when you did the upgrade, however we all know with Windows, nothing usually goes without some sort of problem.

                        I'll make this an item for our next conference call with McAfee management on Monday.
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                          That would be a great idea.

                          FYI, I have been impressed with the Windows 7 upgrade. Unlike my previous experiences, particularly with Vista, there has been a lot of support. Ironically, that's part of the problem for me. I ran the upgrade advisor and it shows V9 as comptible (no prior action required) and that the software earned the Windows stamp of compatibility. I will let them know as well. I'll let you go now.
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