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    pause all protection

      I'm offline, no new files in my PC, I'm working, I need RAM and faster opening for my files, is it possible to pause all protections with one click, and enable them all with one click,

      Another one, it good to open a port, I need to block a port, is it possible from the system services?
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          Peter M
          No one-click pause I'm afraid.

          To temporarily turn off VirusScan do the following:

          Double-click the taskbar icon to open Security Center
          Click Advanced Menu (bottom left)
          Click Configure (left)
          Click Computer & Files (top left)
          You can disable VirusScan in the right-hand module and tell it for how long.

          You can turn off the firewall too via the "Internet & Network" link (left).

          You can add an open port in System Services but as far as closing a port is concerned, they are all closed or stealthed by default.