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    Lost Internet after installation

      I purchased Total Security yesterday. I had to wait 3 hours to install it because the mcafee server wasn't allowing me to login.

      I installed it on 2 pc's.

      One desktop that is hooked directly into my cable modem, and one laptop that connects wirelessly (which I am on now)

      The desktop from the MOMENT the installation finished has not been connected to the internet. Nothing I do works. I've pinged the IP just to see, and it is responding just fine. The hardware is installed just fine and nothing has changed since the installation of this product.

      I uninstalled Total Security on the desktop hoping it would allow me regain my connection, and of course it did not.

      I get a very very light send/receive on the modem. The last time I checked Sent Packets was 202 and Received was 79. However, the wireless connection is just fine.

      This is CLEARLY an issue that this product has created on my desktop. I am beyond frustrated right now.

      Can anybody help me? Remember I do not have Total Security installed any more

      I'm operating on Windows XP. Through the Windows Security Center the Firewall is off right now, but even when it's ON I get nothing.