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    What happened to New version ?

      I have used McAfee for many years, although currently I don't have a subscription.


      By chance I read that the boxed retail version of 'McAfee 2010' is the same product as 'McAfee 2009'.


      And the latest version on this forum is still 'SecurityCenter 9' and 'Virusscan 13'.

      I would have expected that by now we would be at 'SecurityCenter 10' and 'Virusscan 14'.


      So, what happened ? Is this a delay, and if so, for how long ?


      I remember that the McAfee project called 'xxxx' was being developed. What happened to it ?



      on 25/12/09 8:12:15 PM
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          Peter M

          Those 2009 products boxed as 2010 are geared to upgrade to the true 2010 products as soon as they are released. That's been a marketing ploy that many manufacturers have employed for years.

          Beta testing is still ongoing and I have no news on a release date but it shouldn't be too long.


          Be prepared for a whole new look:





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