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    0xe0020007 error on couple of workstations

      Have very unpleasant issue with EEPC version 5.2

      On workstations with ASUS P5KPL-VM or P5KPL-AM mainboards after successfull auth. (when safeboot must start main OS) we get 0xe0020007 (error reading disk sector).

      The strange thing is in successfull boot after 10-15 reboots. Really, ok, if this issue is in uncompatibility with that hardware, why it could boot sometimes? Very SOMEtimes, but it boots.

      We try to flash new bioses (and old ones too) with no effect on the problem.
      For test purpose we allready try to use "Update MBR..." and/or "Update number of sides reported..." filesets. And it had no effect too.

      We try to turn on and off ACPI support in bios. And even try to set HDD controller in compatible mode (enchansed mode is default one).

      The problem is OS independent as we got it on XP, Vista and W7 boxes.
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