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    Lack of scheduling options

      I have recently migrated from free AVG and Zone Alarm which were incompatible following an AVG programme update.

      With free AVG it was possible to schedule a scan last thing in the evening and add an option to shut down the pc if no threats were found, or instruct to fix threats and close. This is not possible with McAfee. You have to be there to start the scan before you can add the shut-down option.

      Similarly, it is not possible to schedule an update before the scan, which again is possible with free AVG. Why not? Perfectly good idea I would have thought.

      Finally, Mcafee Security Centre drains resources by prioritising its own processes when first starting up your pc, which is not what I want. I usually have other priorities and would prefer to be in charge of scans and updates, not allow indiscriminate and untimely action by the lack of McAfee options to change default actions.

      Unless I can solve all of these problems I will not be buying several more copies for other PC's, Macs and laptops. I will find an alternative that will work for me, not dictate to me how it will work.

      Any help appreciated, as I have emailed McAfee tech team twice without any response, not even an acknowledgement. Poor service indeed. :eek::(:o

      Has anyone else experienced and solved these problems, please?
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          Peter M

          I haven't noticed any activity when starting up myself. I guess it all depends on what applications are installed as part of SecurityCenter and what setup one has. For instance people have complained of high activity at startup only to solve it by storing emails in a folder other than Inbox...AntiSpam was scanning at startup.

          As I also stated there Technical Support is linked at top left of this page and is best approached using the Chat client. I regret that their email responses are sadly lacking, something else we have complained about.
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            Peter M
            Apparently your request may be partly solved with the advent of the new 2010 products.


            The beta has this (shut down after scan) for full and custom and quick ONLY if nothing found

            But you still can't schedule the update to occur just before.

            They are in beta testing right now but it shouldn't be long before they are released and will appear as an update requiring a reboot.

            **I have yet to verify that this is a fact.
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              Peter M
              ..and have verified it: