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    Computer Unprotected

      Every time I start my computer (XP Home, SP3) I get an unprotected message. This has started about a month ago. Have used this product for years without this problem. About half of the time the "Fix" does. The rest of the time the MVT runs with a fix sometimes, but many times there is no correction. I've paid for protection and only get it sometimes. HELP!!! Auto up-date is running, and screen shows that program is up to date. Windows up-date is also current.
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          Do you have any other antivirus software’s installed on the computer ?
          Have you made any recent changes to the computer??
          Try to capture the exact error from security center (below the FIX button)

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            Reply to Dinz:

            I have no other anti-virus installed.

            No changes have been made to the computer.

            Uninstalled Virus Scan, and re-installed. The system ran OK for a day, and now have the same problem as before. The only fix message I get is that "One or more problems cannot be fixed because of an error" with no further help or info provided.