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    Virus submitted for testing

      I had submitted a so called "virus" to the Avert labs for testing around 4 days ago, and still haven't gotten a response from the "virus research team". I did however, get an email stating that there was an inconclusive result:


      A difference in detection has occurred between the Olympus (scan, names, clean) Dat
      files and the AVV (avvscan, avvname, avvclean) Dat files. Due to this difference in
      detection your sample is being escalated to a virus researcher.

      I was curious about how much longer i may have to wait for a response in order to get an extra .dat file for the so called "virus" (Which I know for a fact that it is not a virus at all). I know that the team must be busy, but I am becoming a little impatient here. I do not want to turn off my protection to use this program, so i guess all I can do is wait.