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    Glitch with UPDATE CHECK

      Hi guys

      I'm in the UK and have noticed a glitch since the last Security Center update.

      On the home page where it says Information there are two categories - UPDATE CHECK: and LAST SCAN:

      i noticed yesterday the UPDATE CHECK has the wrong date. It currently says UPDATE CHECK: 23/10/09 even though it updated automatically this morning (24/10/09).

      I clicked on ABOUT and sure enough the last DAT update was dated the 24th as was ANTI SPAM. The Protection Status is telling me I'm OK and all up to date, so everything else appears to be working fine.

      I know it's only a minor thing but it's bugging me. It did the same the day before so I manually checked for updates to make sure I was up to date. Sure enough, I was and because I did it manually the UPDATE CHECK instantly changed to the correct date.

      any ideas???

      I'm running Vista Home Premium.
      I'm connected via the ethernet
      and I don't have any other antivirus software.

      thanks for your help
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          Peter M
          I think it's just what you describe, a glitch. What happens if you right-click and select Updates, does it change? (You'll have to close and reopen SecurityCenter to see any change.
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            Peter he stated that he manually updated and date was correct then. Same here my date as of 9:00am this morning still shows 10-24-09 as my last update check. Should not have to manually update for it to show correct date. My one computer automatically updated yesterday to dat 5781 but date for update check was wrong until manually updated and said my programs are up to date. Then correct date shows. Peter try just using automatic updates on your machine without manually updating to see what we are talking about since McAfee updated our programs since that awful dat 5777 which disabled my real time protection.
            PS I ran McAfee virtual technician and it saiid no problems found but under top issues under virus scan 13.15.102 it said ok but line under it stated Top Issue: Failed to update the DAT files. There is a glitch in these latest updates for our products since dat 5777. I am using Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition (Build 2600 Service Pack 3.0 on both computers.
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              Peter M
              My bad, sorry...that's what I get for working too fast. As long as it says you are protected I wouldn't worry about glitches in the UI.
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                Peter both of my computers now show on about screen on virus scan 13.15.102 that they both have dat 5782 for 10-25-09. It still shows update check 10-24-09 on home page. This is first day I have not manually checked for updates and am cxurious if it will ever change fron 10-24-09 if I don't manually check. Could you maybe let McAfee know about this problem on their start up home screen?
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                  Peter M
                  Isn't that date representing manual update checks, that's what I assumed as mine just changed after I checked?
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                    No it changes on automatic updates also besides the manual update check. I have turned my computer on just after midnight and when automatic updates checked for updates the date changes to the current date on home screen.
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                      Peter M
                      Then it shouldn't be an issue for long. The user interface is going to be drastically different when you get the update to the 2010 product in the near future, which is in Beta testing right now and will look something like this:

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                        I have had the same problem with the updates with the 3-User Total Protection intermittently. Good to know that it won't be an issue for long. Something I've noticed but hasn't been mentioned yet, is that as you know McAfee displays a pop-up at the lower right hand corned of the screen when ever an update is completed. When the pop up states updates were installed for "3-User Total Protection," the UPDATE CHECK date is correct, but when it says they were installed for "McAfee VirusScan" the date is incorrect.
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                          Peter M
                          Interesting, I haven't notice that in any of my 4 setups. As long as you are protected I don't think it's important.
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