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    DMSetup fails to install on Windows XP

      I have a base system running Windows XP Home Edition Version 5.1.2600 Service pack 3 Build 2600, Internet Explorer Version 8.0.6001.18702 Build 86001, 68.9 GB hard drive with 43.0 GB free space, 2.10GHz AMD Cpu and 1.43GB of RAM.

      Have followed all McAfee install prep steps, have run MCPR.EXE several times, registry is exceptionally clean, have copied DMSetup.exe exe to desktop for execution, download completes without error yet install fails everytime.

      Point of failure is consistently at Security Center install, here is the log excerpt

      10/22/2009 10:13:28 AM -- SetupGetStringField(1) returning mcdspwrp.inf
      10/22/2009 10:13:28 AM -- ..Entry is mcdspwrp.inf=mcdspwrp.inf or just mcdspwrp.inf. Calling handler
      10/22/2009 10:13:28 AM -- In CInfFile::_RunInf()
      10/22/2009 10:13:28 AM -- ..Trying to run execute sub-inf mcdspwrp.inf. Destination path (if specified): mcdspwrp.inf
      10/22/2009 10:13:29 AM -- ..Sub-Inf (C:\PROGRA~1\McAfee\Temp\qxz77\mcdspwrp.inf) execution returns 14
      10/22/2009 10:13:29 AM -- CInfFile::_RunInf() returns 1603
      10/22/2009 10:13:29 AM -- ..Handler returned: 1603
      10/22/2009 10:13:29 AM -- CInfFile::_BrowseSection() returns 1603
      10/22/2009 10:13:29 AM -- CInfFile::_ProcessInfs() returns 1603
      10/22/2009 10:13:29 AM -- ..Finished executing section InstallMSC.NT under command RunINF. Reporting progress at 100

      Since the install deletes the temp directory I cannot review the actual install files to determine the actual problem.
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          Peter M
          There are several things that could cause this. If you had any software that might be regarded as a rival to McAfee make sure you ran their removal tool first.

          Likewise if any previous McAfee home products run the MCPR removal tool linked in my signature.

          McAfee relies on an up to date and working Internet Explorer whether or not you use it as your default browser.
          Make sure that you have the final version of IE8 installed as any beta versions will cause problems and then go to Tools/Internet Options/Advanced and click the Reset button. Click Apply and OK. Close and reopen IE and then go to Tools/Manage Add-ons and re-enable the add-ons.

          Run a couple of anti-malware tools forst to make sure nothing is blocking the installer. The free version of these two tools are good, Update before running and let them remove anything they find.



          Try saving DMSETUP to your desktop first. Right-click/Properties and Unblock (if blocked). Try again.
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            I have done all these things several times!! I had McAfee installed and running on this machine since 2006 however the other day when the McAfee Security Center said an update failed and I should reinstall like a fool I tried to reinstall thus the root of my problems.

            My system is very clean, I have run MCPR.EXE several times follow by a search and delete of all remaining McAfee registry entries (there were several, I am very comfortable working with the Windows registry) additionally I have scoured the hard drive (DOS level) deleting of anything remotely implying McAfee. I have also run your recommended malware programs and again nothing has been detected on my machine. After running them I scrubbed my machine once again. The only software installed on this box is Microsoft XP, Internet Explorer, and Outlook Express, all current and up to date.
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              Peter M
              Unless the servers are down that certainly shouldn't be happening.

              Run the McAfee Preinstall Tool from the following link and try to install the Product, let us know if the issue persists: http://download.mcafee.com/products/...PreInstall.exe
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                I have resolved the problem. While the pre-install app completed without issue it DID NOT correct the install problem. After searching through all the install logs I found the problem - a registry access denied error.

                This was basically the first install operation after downloading. Since this was a critical step in the process I would have expected the application to stop and report the error so it could be corrected rather than continuing. This is a classic case of an arrogent or inexperienced programmer looking at but not doing anything with return codes.

                Registry permissions appear to have been modified overtime by all the automated Microsoft system updates, the solution for XP is to download the subinacl.exe tool from Microsoft to rest the registry default permissions and then run the McAffee install.
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                  Peter M
                  That's interesting. I'll bring this up at our next conference call with McAfee management.

                  But who do we blame, McAfee for overlooking something that changed, or Microsoft for altering the way Windows works?
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                    Peter M
                    By the way, I know what they are going to ask. Was the user (you) using any registry cleaners?
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                      I was the user, no registry cleaners.

                      I am a software/data developer and this is a "bare metal" Microsoft only machine (with the exception of McAfee) used for remote access to our SQL databases. We take special care to insure no third party software is installed on it.

                      While this clearly is a case that somewhere along the way it appears Microsoft updates have modified settings I would still expect the McAfee install to recognize it had a fatal error and stop.
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                        Peter M
                        It's interesting. I'll pass this on. Thanks and good luck.
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                          Peter M
                          One Tech has suggested this as a possible solution: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/313222

                          Don't blame me if it isn't any help as what he said was far too technical for me.