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    host of errors

      knew better than top use this stupid forum but went ahead and did it anyways

      got an error when updating and followed instructions noted here


      now there are more issues and it's asking for a reinstall

      got the error when trying to fix my error and says can't be fixed due to an error

      virtual technician log
      Registry OK
      File OK
      Process OK
      Service 1 service(s) incorrect
      Expected Service State Incorrect
      Expected : running
      Existing : paused
      Service: McShield C:\PROGRA~1\McAfee\VIRUSS~1\mcshield.exe
      COM OK
      DAT and Engine 1 DAT / Engine update
      DAT not Up-to-date
      DAT: Expected : 5777
      Existing : 5776
      Top Issues OK
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          virtual technician don't work no more either

          "unable to get product data from the server, try again"
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            I'm having all sorts of problems too, starting today.

            Woke up, turned on my PC, and it says McAfee can't install the latest update, please reinstall VirusScan.

            I get on the live-chat with McAfee support, he does some stuff, still no help, tells me to restart my computer.

            Now I just tried reinstalling all of McAfee and it STILL won't work. It keeps saying I have to reinstall VirusScan, meanwhile I have no Virus protection.

            The Virtual Technician stopped working and now when I go the the McAfee support page for live chat, it doesn't even load. The page says "Connection Was Reset". Maybe a whole bunch of people are having the same problem?
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              Yes, seems to be an issue with the latest DAT (5777). Going into safe mode and so on didn't help, so I guess it's up to McAfee to get it fixed ASAP.

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                yeah I just got off the line w/ a support tech (chat) and he says they're having problems on their server side. Should be fixed in 3-4 hours.

                Wish I knew that before I tried reinstalling the whole damned program :mad:
                • 5. please re-install
                  Yes, seems to be an issue with the latest DAT (5777). Going into safe mode and so on didn't help, so I guess it's up to McAfee to get it fixed ASAP.


                  Hi - count me in as a someone having the same problem - I was about to throw in the towel, but remembered this happened to me awhile back with a DAT, and I waited it out then without doing anything.

                  It was McAfee's error, not my program.

                  Got the "please re-install" message when I tried to manually download DAT 5777 this afternoon.

                  Hope it gets fixed soon.
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                      McAfee just restarted my computer... the build number on Security Center and Virus Scan has been updated. The dat version is still at 5776 same as yesterday.
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                        Same here as of this morning. At least it's not giving errors like yesterday.
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                          Vinod R
                          An issue was reported on the last update and it was throwing up an error message stating that users were not protected. this issue was later confirmed as resolved .

                          If you suspect that your machine still has the issue please try to restart the computer and then right click on McAfee icon and select Update.

                          Allow the update to run on the machine and once its done and states that the machine is protected reboot the computer.

                          If in case this fails please run the McAfee Virtual technician and contact Technical support with the Virtual technician session id for the technician to diagnose the issue.

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