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    Msg - re latest version not installed

      I have McAfee installed on 3 machines. I'm finding that on the W2K machine, when I go into manage network and click on the icon for the W2K machine, it says that the 'latest version of McAfee software is not installed on that machine'. (and I believe I had this pop up this morning which is what had me looking hard at this).

      McAfee is installed on all three machines and kept up to date. Two of them run 24/7 and I get the McAfee needs rebooting messages after some updates. I went to the W2K machine and clicked update just to be sure and let it do its thing. Last update check on the security center screen says 10/16/2009.

      If I go to the W2K machine and click on manage network it says that the computer is not connected to a network - which assuredly it is. I move data between them regularly. The other 2 machines (XPPRO and XPHOME op sys's) both show the network and the W2K machine on it (and the status reports that it is not protected by the latest version of McAfee software).

      The W2K machine reports the exact same builds as the XP-Pro machine.

      Why am I getting this message?
      why does the W2K machine tell me it is not part of a network while the other machines show it as part of my network?