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    Computer freezes

      On 10/14/09 my fully updated Windows XP Pro system froze not long after boot-up. I did a manual reboot several times but was never able to keep it up long enough to run a virus scan. I finally reloaded in safe mode (no network) and was able to run a scan with nothing found. I eventually discovered if I rebooted normally after unplugging from the network I could run a scan in normal mode. Also as long as I was off the network I was able to do a restore back to 10/13/09 at 6:30AM PDT. After coming up the freeze no longer took place but Security Center warned of non-protection and immediately did an update. After the update completed I was able to do a scan again with nothing found then work normally but on the next re-boot the following morning the same freeze began all over again. I performed the same operation to get my computer back up and functional again. This time, I uninstalled Security Center via control panel's Add/Remove followed by running MCPR.exe to be certain of a clean system. I then re-installed but no joy. The system would simply freeze on reboot.

      Since going through a restore and update every day is hardly the ideal I've been forced to uninstall Security Center and use Windows firewall and a free anti-virus product. Since my version of SC is bundled with Comcast I'm hardly out any money but would like to go back to the McAfee product if it can be made to work with my system. I did note Microsoft released a rather extensive set of updates. My understanding these were released on 10/13/09 the same day of the SC update but the Microsoft updates weren't incorporated into my system until yesterday, 10/15/09 when automatic update finally got around to it. I don't know that there's a connection but that is a possibility. Anyone else run into this issue?
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          Please confirm the following;
          What is the computer’s RAM size?
          What is your internet connected (Dsl, cable . .)
          Have you installed both (Critical & optional) Windows updates?
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            Thank you for your interest.

            My system has 4Gb DRAM, with 3.25GB usable

            The computer is connected to the internet via Comcast cable.

            As noted in my first post my OS was up to date as of 10/12/09. I know Microsoft releaseda major update on 10/13/09, the same date as McAfee's release, but the MS update was not downloaded by automatic updates and applied to my OS until 10/15/09. By that time I'd already removed SC.