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    My Internet Security Subscription is only 6 months

      I've used McAfee Internet Security for a number of years, and am currently using a package purchased from Amazon.com. It appeared to be a genuine unused package in a McAfee box. However, it is only a 6 month subscription, installed in July 09 and expiring in January 2010. Checking past history, 1st expiration was 1-11-09 2nd was 7-29-09 and the current expires in 1-5-2010. The box says ...for the duration of your one-year subscription.

      Has anyone else encountered this problem? I bought another computer and installed McAfee Total Protection, and it has a 1 year interval.

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          Peter M
          It should normally be a 1-year subscription but any dispute would be between you and Amazon.
          Also you have to contact Customer Service regarding all subscription matters as we can't handle them here.

          Top of this page, second from the left.

          Good luck.
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            I think I figured out what actually happened. The first installation of the 3-user Internet Security sets the start date of the entire package. If you install it on a second computer 3 months later, that computer only has 9 months of protection. Bringing up My Account gives package and first installation information, not necessarily info unique to that particular computer (other than the expiration date). If you install it on another computer, there will be a new subscription number.

            I initially installed McAfee on a Dell computer that had McAfee preinstalled. I assume this installation was made in early January, 09. I purchased a used Dell from an eBay computer vendor that sells refurbished computers in early March 09. This computer had a freeby anti-virus program installed, and I deleted it and installed McAfee. The My Account data is the same, with the first expiration date on the eBay computer occurring before I purchased the computer. The history also contained a July expiration date I can't explain.

            If you purchase a 3-user McAfee package, keep a record of the installation dates and what computers had the installation. It will clear up questions later on. I'm still unclear.

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              Peter M
              I think that you are correct. The subscription starts the on the 1st installation date, whether you install 1, 2 or all 3 subscriptions at that time is irrelevant.
              Customer Service would clarify that for you.