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    Problem with uninstalling and reinstalling security suite

      Hi there.

      I have also posted this thread in the Anti-Thief section so apoligies for any repetition and mis-understanding.

      I have a slight problem. I have uninstalled my McAfee Security Suite including Vault in an attempt to solve a windows update and program installation problem. I have looked at all possibilities to try and solve this without success. I have checked for viruses and malware and all is well. Microsoft advisors don't seem to know what the problem is.

      I was advised to remove and reinstall the McAfee software which I was told may not have installed properly, as it was an upgrade to previously installed McAfee files. I was able to uninstall but not reinstall.

      The program installation problem continues and I'm unable to reinstate the Security Suite. I tried MPCR.exe and all McAfee files are gone. However, what may be the cause of the windows update and program installation problem is that I have a McAfee Vault folder (system folder) still showing within the My Computer folder. I am unable to delete it, even in safe mode.

      What is the best way to remove this folder? Any other advice or action I haven't tried greatfully received.

      Much appreciated.