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    Cannot migrate users?

      Hello, I am building a new MEE server that I plan to move the current users and devices to. I had to create a new database ID on the new server in order to obtain a new license. Now, I cannot copy the SBDATA folders from the old server to the new one, because the DB ID's are different.
      I have been reading the forums and from what I can see, moving the data from one server to another is not preferred. It would be great if the same DB ID could be used on the new server, as well as the old. I would appreciate any assistance.
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          Think I got it... copied the SDMCFG.INI file from the old server to the new server and copied over the SBDATA folder. At least the data is there, now to edit the client file to connect to MEE.
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            Hello. It is work now? You have old DB ID on new server?
            Thank you.
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              no, he moved the software to a new physical box by copying it - effectively it's the same DBServer running on new hardware.
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                Sorry about that, yes I copied over the SBDATA folder over from my old server to my new server, and copied the INI file as well. I had an issue since the old server name was listed - I deleted it within MEE, and created a new server, which created a new server key. Then, I copied/pasted that server key into the SDMCFG.INI file in order for the clients to connect. The SDMCFG.INI file on the clients will get updated to connect to the new server.

                I couldn't create a new database on the new server - I couldn't find a way for the production data to use a new database license file. Therefore I used the prod license file and prod data on the new server.

                If I was just upgrading the hardware and keeping the same name of the server, I don't
                think it would have been this involved. But I am going to a new server and new server name as well. I am also using a DNS alias to point the clients to the new server as well during the cutover period.

                If anyone knows of an easier way, I am more than willing to listen.
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                  You just needed to copy everything (the whole EEM folder) to the new box, rename and reconfigure the existing server entry in EEM, then right-click it and do "add to databases", then it would have been listed for new install sets.

                  If you wanted to change the client connection details, you just needed to change the dns name in their sdmcfg.ini - but as you're using DNS routing even that was not required.