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    scanning question - simple, I hope

      I have my Security Center 9 set to scan my computer once a week. It does a complete scan which takes two hours or so.

      I know I can stop that scan and then choose a Quick Scan. Can I have a Quick Scan as my default, automatic, weekly scan?

      If so, please guide me through the steps. Thanks, Dave Horne
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          Peter M
          No it's a full scan by default.

          From the Help files:

          Scan types
          VirusScan provides a complete set of scanning options for virus protection, including real-time scanning (which constantly monitors your PC for threat activity), manual scanning from Windows Explorer, and the ability to run a full, quick, custom scan from SecurityCenter, or customize when scheduled scans will occur. Scanning in SecurityCenter offers the advantage of changing scanning options on-the-fly.

          Real-Time Scanning:

          Real-time virus protection constantly monitors your computer for virus activity, scanning files each time you or your computer access them. To make sure that your computer stays protected against the latest security threats, leave real-time virus protection on and set up a schedule for regular, more comprehensive, manual scans.

          You can set default options for real-time scanning, which include scanning for unknown viruses, and checking for threats in tracking cookies and network drives. You can also take advantage of buffer overflow protection, which is enabled by default (except if you are using a Windows Vista 64-bit operating system). To learn more, see Setting real-time scan options.

          Quick Scan

          Quick Scan allows you to check for threat activity in processes, critical Windows files, and other susceptible areas on your computer.

          Full Scan

          Full Scan allows you to thoroughly check your entire computer for viruses, spyware, and other security threats that exist anywhere on your PC.

          Custom Scan

          Custom Scan allows you to choose your own scan settings to check for threat activity on your PC. Custom scan options include checking for threats in all files, in archive files, and in cookies in addition to scanning for unknown viruses, spyware, and stealth programs.

          You can set default options for custom scans, which include scanning for unknown viruses, archive files, spyware and potential threats, tracking cookies, and stealth programs. You can also scan using minimal computer resources. To learn more, see Setting custom scan options

          Manual Scan

          Manual Scan allows you to quickly check for threats in files, folders, and drives on the fly from Windows Explorer.

          Schedule scan

          Scheduled scans thoroughly check your computer for viruses and other threats any day and time of the week. Scheduled scans always check your entire computer using your default scan options. By default, VirusScan performs a scheduled scan once a week. If you find that you are experiencing slow scan speeds, consider disabling the option to use minimal computer resources, but keep in mind that higher priority will be given to virus protection than to other tasks.
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            Ex-Brit, as always thanks for the information and your fast response.

            I didn't read the Help file though I did look at all the options provided and could not find anything.

            ... I meant to write ... scanning question, simple I hope.

            I couldn't edit the subject after you had already posted.

            Thanks! All the best, Dave Horne
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              Peter M
              No problem Dave. I edited the subject line for you.

              All the best.
              • 4. You have answered half the question

                However, how do you schedule a scan last thing at night, every night, which shuts down the PC if no threats are found (or by default fixes those threats) preceded by an update. Little use doing a two hour scan if you have not first updated the threats?!

                I get the impression by only using this software for a week and looking at some of these user comments that:
                1. Free software has more useful user settings than you do; and
                2. You are unable to respond positively to requests for improvements to what is a fairly basic set of software. :eek::confused:
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                  Peter M

                  I am not McAfee for starters, I'm an unpaid volunteer here like most of the other people who post here. Real Technical Support is linked at the top left of this page.

                  You can schedule a scan at any hour, however you can't guarantee that the daily update comes in first as they are issued at any time. You also can't tell it to shut down the machine after achieving what you've laid out...I don't know of any applications who will differentiate between no threats found and some threats found and cleaned as far as when to shut down.
                  If there is one then I'd like to see what it is. In any case McAfee doesn't have the shut-down option, sorry. I will mention it in our next submission to McAfee.
                  Constructive suggestions are passed on to McAfee by us on a weekly basis. Whether or not they act on them is another matter.

                  Isn't up to Dave to decide if the answer was sufficient?
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                    Peter M
                    Closing this thread and will answer on your other one.