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    Context menu 'scan' opens the Security Center


      McAfee has an annoying behaviour when I use the Explorer contextual menu to scan files: it opens the Security Center which I absolutely don't need (opens a window I have to close, takes more time... a tad invasive).

      A while ago, it was only scanning the files and reporting the status with a checked icon on the right part of the taskbar.

      Is that a bug introduced in a recent update? I can't find any option to stop that, nor could I find any relevant topic here. The Configure / Alerts / Informational Alerts options have been tested both on and off, without solving the problem.

      Could you please help me out?

      Security Center version 9.15, VirusScan version 13.15 and Personal Firewall version 10.15 are installed, on up-to-date Vista Business (32 bits).