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    changing time zone

      Ilive in the eastern standard time zone but my virtual technician says I live in GMT How do I correct this?
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          Peter M
          Could be merely a glitch in the MVT itself. As long as your system clock is accurate then you have nothing to worry about.

          Are you sure you weren't reading the time as XX.XX GMT + or - X hours? I haven't used it for a while but I believe that's the way it displays time.
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            My system clock is correct but i will run vt again to see how its displayed. Thanks for your help.
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              Peter M
              I didn't have time to do it earlier, but just ran it and I think I see in the "Problem Log" what you mean.

              Click on the attached thumbnail to enlarge the picture.

              In my case GMT-5 is correct.
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                I have to run vt to see how mine is displayed. Does it make a difference if its the wrong time zone?
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                  I saw your thumbnail. I just ran my vt. It said no problems found. but the time readout is GMT-06:00. Where i live it is now 12amEST??? the date says10/05/2009 23:47:28. Is something wrong?
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                    Peter M
                    Check your system clock again and ensure not only the time being correct but also the timezone as that can make a huge difference and cause malfunctions in various software.

                    If it's right then I suggest raising a ticket with Technical Support Chat, link at top left og the page.