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    Security Center turns off every day

      Recently (but not aware of any significant system changes or infections) my Security Center 9.15 flags up every day - sometimes several times a day - that it is either turned off or needs validation.

      I click on "Fix" and it either turns on, or validates successfully.

      Any clues, please, as to why it is doing this / what I can do to return it to "normal" service ?


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          Please confirm the following;
          What is the computer’s operating system?
          How is your computer connected to internet (Dsl, cable)?
          Do you have any other antivirus software installed ?
          Did you make any recent changes for the computer?
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            Thanks for responding.

            What is the computer’s operating system? Windows XP
            How is your computer connected to internet (Dsl, cable)? DSL
            Do you have any other antivirus software installed ? No
            Did you make any recent changes for the computer? None
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              Did you have any older version of mcafee in this computer?
              Try to capture the exact error message it displays, (You could find under the "FIX" button in security center) .
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                I am having the same problem as is listed above.  It was after every reboot of my computer MacAffe would give me a pop up in the lower right hand corner that says, "Your computer is not fully protected.  Please check your security Status in McAffee Security Center and fix any problems."  The box has a button to open the security center, or ignore.  I open it and the security center shows 3 areas:



                Computers and Files

                Internet and Network

                Email & IM.


                Comptuer and Files and Email and IM always show "Action Required"  On the right hand side of this display it says, Real-Time Scanning is disabled, Spyware and Potentially Unwanted program scanning is disabled, IM Scanning is disabled, Script Scanning is disabled, Buffer Overflow Scanning is disabled.


                I hit the Fix button and all the messages go away and it says everything is fixed.  Until the last week, this would be the case until I rebooted the system.  As of this evening, I am getting this message every few hours.


                In the last month, I have hit the update button several times and ran scans of my system several times and never been told I had any issues.  I am running a new scan as I write this.


                I am running Windows XP Pro, SP3 and I keep it up to date.  Windows is set to automatically update itself and it is up to date.


                I am an AT&T customer, so switched to McAffe when AT&T had customers switch from your competitor.  I am connected to an AT&T DSL.


                When I first switched, I had McAffe Scheduled to run scans every other day at night while we slept.


                Any advice on how I can keep this from turning off?

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                  Hi ,

                  Thanks for the brief description about your problem, This error message could be due to several issues like, improper start up type of mcafee services,malware infection or could be even a conflict between a different security softeware/(remnant) .


                  Please check the follow these steps:

                  Check whether the system clock is set right?

                  Check and delete if you find any other security software add/remove programs (or) in C:/program files , common files.

                  Run mcafee virutal technician from http://mvt.mcafee.com
                  Close all open programs and restart the computer .





                  Dinesh K


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                    When I uninstalled my old antivirus, I uninstalled it first.  I thought of this previously and checked then and double checked right now.  No reminents that I can find.  I didn't go digging around the registry, but from add remove programs and a C hard drive check, nothing I can see.


                    Ran the McAffe virtual technicians before posting, it found two processes not running.  The message said:



                    VirusScan- McAfee Antivirus Plus Elite Edition 13.15.113


                    Problem Process(es) not running (1)

                    Problem Service(s) not running (1)


                    I did a fix all and it said it was fixed.  I ran it again right now and recieved the same error message.ied to have it fix them and it could not fix the process not running.


                    The system clock?  My PC knows the current time zone and is set to sync to time.windows.com.  It presently reads the time properly.  Is that the clock you are refering to?


                    What now?

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                      It has been 8 days, no response.  Please respond.  I did what you asked and posted the results above.  What next?

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                        Yes , by system clock I meant the time of the computer ;if its set wrong security center wont receive the latest updates.

                        Click start – run then type services.msc, In the window that opens up check whether the start up type for all the McAfee programs are in started and automatic. If not click on the particular service and change it to automatic .
                        Click on the recovery tab (at the top) and select all three failures to be restart the service
                        Click on OK

                        Close all open programs and restart the computer

                        Open security center and check for updates and the protection should be enabled.


                        Please Click about in security center and let me know the version of virus scan & DAT ?





                        Dinesh K



                        on 2/16/10 6:51:51 AM GMT-06:00
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                          Opened services and found the following:


                          McAfee Real-Time Scanner was not started, but in Automatic Start up.


                          McAffe Scanner was started, but in manual start up


                          McAfee SystemGuards was started, but in manual start up.


                          Also, I had the your system is not fully protected message again.  I started McAffe Real-Time Scanner and the system went to fully protected status.  I also put the other two in automatic start up.


                          There is no recovery tab in my services menu.  When I go to the services, using the run command or though the control panel, there is no recovery tab for me to select in the window.


                          If I right click and go to the properties of the individual service, there is a recovery on the service properties.  I assume you meant this and changed first, second and subsequent on all of the Macaffe to restart the service.  Several were not set to that, or had the on subsequent failure to take no action.


                          The McAffe Real-Time Scanner subsequent is set to take no action and I can not change it.  When I attempt to change it, I get a windows pop up that says:  Unable to Open McSheild for writing on Local Computer.  Error:5 Access is denied.


                          While looking at the Real-Time scanner, I noticed that it told me the service was stopped when I was looking at the properties, but on the services window it said it was started.  From the properties I told the service to activate and it did.


                          Restarted the computer and checked in the services and McAffe System Guard was Started, but in Manual, changed it back to automatic.  I am still unable to change the Real-Time Scanner subsequent Failure to Restart.


                          After reboot, the system said it was fully protected.  Did a system update.  After the update, this is what is says under the about:


                          Security Center

                          Version 9.15

                          Build 9.15.160


                          Virus Scan

                          Version 13.15

                          Build 13.15.113


                          Personal Firewall

                          V 10.15

                          Build 10.15.106


                          Sire Advisor

                          V 3.0



                          Easy Network

                          V 3.15

                          Build 3.15.100

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