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      I'm going to put the hammer down, right now. I purchased McAfee Total Protection 2009 and ever since the installation of this program it lead to problems. Problems as in, unable to download A-D***-Thing! No updates. No music. No programs. No videos. Including anything having over 7Mb!

      This also includes issues with Youtube and other Video Stream Websites. 45 Minutes to an Hour is a severely insane amount of time to load the next FIVE to TEN seconds a Youtube Movie. As for others, remains the worst while 15% buffers and ceases to progress any step further.

      (Note: I was able to download before, but this never happened after I let McAfee dance it's way into my new system. A brand new %1,500 dollar system.)

      I know for a fact that it's not IE8 and here is the Proof.

      Downloads are enabled!

      Downloads are enabled!

      Sites downloading from are listed as trusted!

      When attempting to download from IE8 it shows no information.

      Mozilla Firefox 3.0.13

      Again, fails to download by stating it is "Starting". Remaining at that same place.

      So. It has nothing to do with the settings in IE8 or Firefox. Windows Firewall is not the problem either.

      Now, turning to the second of my three computers, I put in the McAfee CD and it downloads from the internet without any trouble, then I install it on the computer. So, I try to download something and now I have two computers, with the same complication. CANNOT DOWNLOAD As seen in this link where I uploaded the screen shot.


      I find something funny about the name of the product. McAfee Total Security. It sure is total security because everything I downloaded, updates, and patches never make its way into this computer. Why don't you just put an option to lock yourself out of your own computer next time?

      Help would be appreciated to fix this bs.