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    Signature detection file between 8 and 29 days old and Virtual Tech can't find it!

      I am getting the message that "The detection signature file is between 8 and 29 days old." I went to the virtual tech and downloaded it, but it could not find my McAfee software. The software came pre-loaded on a Dell machine that is about 4-5 years old. My subscription is current. I have tried clicking "fix" on the home screen, which does nothing. I have gone to "manage networks", clicked on the PC icon with the exclamation point and clicked "fix security vulnerabilities", which said it fixed the problem, but McAfee is still showing a problem. I have Security Center version 9.15, build 9.15.126; VirusScan version 13.15, build 13.15.101; and Personal Firewall version 10.15, build 10.15.102. Please tell me what I need to do in order to fix this!